What you don't want to see when...

Some films you avoid when...

There are times when some films just is no good.

And here is a brief summary of some films you avoid on different occations or when you find yourself in certain states.

States, films and reasons

Hung over: Trainspotting
Of course, this one has several humourous scenes. However, partying might be the last thing on your mind when finished.
Drunk: Casshern
This Japanese futuristic film is impossible to understand if you have had a few too many.
Afraid of the dark: Ju-On: The Grudge/Phone
Both these Asian films will surely not make you any less afraid of the dark and will not function well as an aid for sleeping better.
Sad: Bowling for Columbine
There are some tearmoving scenes which will put you further down. After all, seeing people in huge distress is not a good way to feel better. On the upside, you might experience that your sadness is transformed to anger. Anger towards a sick world! Also, you learn that some people are worse off than yourself.
Edgy nerves (particularly after a BIG night out): 21 Grams
You don't really need to face the reality of close relations on a day like that. How does "your whole family just died" sound to you?
Happy: Japanese Story
It seems like this is a perfect film for a happy day, but there might be surprises...
First Home Movie Date: Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance
Unless you share a mutual interest in strange Korean films which include violent deaths, this could be avoided.
First Home Movie Date II: Bad Boy Bubby
There are several reasons not to treat your future wife to this, with elements of lunacy. One includes a mothers' sexual behaviour towards Bubby...Another: A no-good way to kill a cat.
Considering adultery: Fatal Attraction
If you have decided on doing something foolish, stay away! But then again, you probably should see this in an attempt to make you think twice!
Claustrophobic: Kill Bill II
Great film, but if you are not too anxious about small places, you find a challenge for about 10 minutes somewhere in the film.
Paranoid: Lost Highway
If you feel like constantly looking over your shoulder, or hear noices in your house, stay clear of this one!
Suffering from memory loss: Memento
You'll know what I mean after about 15 minutes...
Before flying: Cast Away
Unless you dream about crashing into a deserted island, and spending time alone...this is nothing to see before flying...or during a flight.


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Hattori Hanzo

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It's a forest.
And like a forest it's easy to lose your way...
to get lost...
to forget where you came in."