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For many years, I have had an increasing interest in the world of film. I must admit that during my teens, my focus was not directed at absolute quality, but this has improved for the better I feel!
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During the last year or so, the main fasciation has been Asian films. I have discovered unknown resources there. Of course, this is related to my fascination towards Japan and the history of the country.
Here is my film blog for reviews etc.

A quick list:
- Oldboy (Korean; a new experience! Must be seen!)
- Sympathy For Lady Vengeance National Premiere in my home January 3rd, 2006!
- 2046
- Infernal Affairs great from Hong Kong
- Sympathy for Mr Vengeance
- When the Last Sword is Drawn
- The Twillight Samurai
- Phone
- Shogun (not entirely Asian production...but still!)
- Ran
- Kagemusha


I have included some films you just have to see. These might not all be my favourites, but for different reasons they have to be there. Have a look. Do you agree?

A few words

Some people will recognise this!

I have a story for you. It's full of advantages:
The first is that at the end of the story it doesn't finish, it falls into a hole.
And the story starts again in the middle.
The other advantage, and the biggest, is that you can change course along the way, if you let me.
If you give me time.