What you want to see when...

Some films you enjoy when...

There are times when some films stand out perfectly

And here is a brief summary of some films you enjoy on different occations or when you find yourself in certain states.

States, films and reasons

Hung over: Barfly
Just kidding!!! Hahahaha.
Preparing for party: The Big Lebowski
Warning: It might have you running for White Russians all night long!
Afraid of the dark: The Big Blue
If nothing else, it should get you in a decent mood.
Sad: As Good as it gets
Jack always makes me smile, and the heartwarming conversations that take place here make you forget sadness for a little while.
Happy: Amelie
Watching this while being happy could make your smile stretch even further
Sick: Finding Nemo
One of the best animated films, for most occations.
First Home Movie Date: The Shawshank Redemption
Unless your date is a total moron, this has to be a success! Of course, people have different preferations though...
In love/alone: Love Actually
If in love: You will embrace love even harder and go for it!
If alone/single: It proves there is love everywhere, and can happen at any moment.

Considering adultery: Fatal Attraction
If you have decided on doing something foolish, stay away! But then again, you probably should see this in an attempt to make you think twice!
Claustrophobic: The Motorcycle Diaries
The great scenery in this film takes away most anxiety of small places, I think.
Paranoid: Fight Club
Hey, just fight'em and everything works out. Or simply, fight yourself!
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Hattori Hanzo

"Revenge is never a straight line
It's a forest.
And like a forest it's easy to lose your way...
to get lost...
to forget where you came in."