My little page on traveling - with some galleries

Although lots of people say your whole life is a journey, I feel fantastic when I experience
the process of traveling. I guess I have been fortunate to be able to experience traveling
since I was two years old, and since then I have seen great parts of the world.
Our planet is, however, so big that it is impossible to reach everything...
Apparently, I have been to only 12% of the countries of this planet (27).

Favorite destinations

Presenting a favorite destination is no easy task, because they are so different and fulfill several
subjective experiences. In that perspective they can be divided into categories:
Beach: Tavewa island, Fiji - beat that!!!
City, USA: New York - Fantastic in so many ways.
City, Europe: Barcelona - food, shopping, party, day/nightindependent!
City, Asia: Tokyo - everything!
Food: Thailand - Thaifood is incredibly tasteful and varied!
Party: Tough one, as I have had so many nice evenings/nights in different places.
Barcelona offers a huge extent of nightclubs that never shut:
La Paloma among SEVERAL, small restaurants in alleys, intimate bars etc.
Prague has the coolest jazzclub.
[more soon]


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