This page is under reconstruction and will be updated regularly, and additional material included.
I will - in due time - add lots of different things which is replaced and renewed every now and then!

I also have plans of including tips for training. This will mainly be about how to train by oneself, and more advanced techniques and methods (for tactics, technique, strength and endurance).


My story of boxing started in 1993, after having different sports (cross country skiing, football, athletics) and then tae kwon do and kickboxing. Once having started, I had a few decent fights before taking a long break from competition. I still trained as if I had a championship fight the next day, every week, every year. This was as much about the fascination as it was/is about staying in shape. So even if I didn't make it to the top myself, at least I can say I trained like one. And this has brought me plasure and learning (as well as occational pain)!


For about 13 years I have been very fascinated with this sport. As a sport it is extremely tough and demanding, physically and mentally, and complete. To become a passion something more is needed though: When you start remembering the names of trainers, ring announcers, judges, referees, and of course the champs and no-champs of the last 100 years or so, you know you are more than a regular fan.
Another aspect of this is my experiences with different gyms around the world. Wherever I am, be that in USA, Norway, Thailand or Australia, the same smell is there, the same atmosphere, and most importantly the relationships between myself and the people training and working there.
On the other hand, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand that this is a high risk sport which in the long run is destructive to your brain.

“I was immediately fascinated by what seemed like a strange planet — by the sights, sounds, smells, special mores and arcane language of a world closed onto itself (the gym had no window, which reinforced the sense of separation from the outside), with its own history, rites and idols, and about which I knew next to nothing. But if you had told me then that, two years later, I would fight in the Chicago Gloves tournament, work as a cornerman during a big-time bout on national television, and spend most of my days immersed in that gym, to the point where I would seriously think of giving up my academic career to “turn pro,” I would have said that you were nuts! And yet this is exactly what happened…”
(Wacquant, 2001).


Arturo Gatti vs Mickey Ward I + III
Thomas Hearns vs Marvin Hagler
Evander Holyfield vs Riddick Bowe I
James Toney vs Mike McCallum
Sugar Ray Leonard vs Thomas Hearns
Chris Eubank vs Nigel Benn
M. A. Barrera vs Morales

A few heros

Who can not appreciate Marvin Hagler, Sugar Ray Leonard, Henry Armstrong, og Joe Louis, and more contemporary kings like the gladiator Gatti, and "Mr Cocky" James Toney... I will add a page with my favourite fights, which can also be ordered (I have about 90 tapes of boxing now).