Excerpts from films I appreciate


Whenever people had secrets,
they didn't want to share...
they'd climb a mountain,
they'd find a tree and carve a hole in it,
and whisper the secret into the hole.
Then cover it over with mud...
That way, nobody else would ever discover it.

I once fall in love with someone.
After a while, she wasn't there

I went to 2046.
I thought she might be waiting for me there.
But I could not find her.
I can't stop wondering if she loved me or not.
But I never found out
Maybe her answer was like a secret...
that no one else would ever know.

"I have a secret to tell you...
Leave with me."

I kept on asking but she never answered.
I began dreaming up excuses for her silence.
I grew desperate. I felt like giving up.
But I was soon trying again.

"I have a secret to tell you...
Leave with me."

I slowly began to doubt myself.
The reason she didn't answer..........
was not simply that her reactions were delayed
It's simply that she didn't love me.

So at last I got it. It's entirely beyond my control.
The only thing left for me.......
was to give up.

For mer?

Ta turen hit...(kommer)


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