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The Godfather

They continue their long hike, high on a promentory; until they hesitate, and look down.


They can see a grim Sicilian village, almost devoid of people.


MICHAEL and his bodyguards move through the empty streets of the village. They walk behind him, and spread to either side about fifteen feet away from him.

They move down ancient steps, past an old stone fountain. MICHAEL hesitates, cups his hands and drinks some water. They go on.

They move up a very narrow old street. MICHAEL looks at the doorways that they pass.

MOVING VIEW: Each door has a plaque, with a ribbon or flower.
CALO sees MICHAEL looking.

The names of the dead.

MICHAEL hesitates in the center of the main street. He looks.

The street is empty, barren. Occasionally, an old woman will pass.

MICHAEL turns his head.

The other side of the street: empty and deathly.

A HIGH VIEW of MICHAEL standing in the center of the old street, the shepherds a respectful distance away.
-------------------------------------FADE OUT-----------


A green ribboned field of a baronial Estate. Further ahead is a villa so Roman it looks as though it had just been discovered in the ruins of Pompeii. There is a group of young village GIRLS accompanied by two stocky MATRONS, dressed in black. They have been gathering the pink sulla, purple wisteria, and mixing them with orange and lemon blossoms. They are singing, off in the distance as they work.

MICHAEL, CALO and FABRIZZIO are silent as they watch this Fantasy-like scene.

(calling out to them)
Hey, beautiful girls!


He settles down to watch.

The GIRLS are dressed in cheap gaily painted frocks that cling to their bodies. They are still in their teens, but developed and womanly.

They are moving along the fields, picking blossoms, not aware of the three men watching them from the orange grove. Three or four of the girls begin chasing one of them playfully, in the direction of the grove.

The GIRL being chased holds a bunch of purple grapes in her left hand and with the right, picks more grapes, and throws them back at her pursuers laughing.

They come closer and closer. Just short of the grove, she poses, startled, her large, oval shaped eyes catching the view of the THREE MEN. She stands there on her toes about to run.

MICHAEL sees her; now face to face. He looks.

Her face. Incredibly beautiful with olive skin, black hair and a rich mouth.

Jesus Christ, take my soul. I'm dying.

Quickly, she turns, and runs away.

MICHAEL stands up never taking his eyes from her. We hold on him for a long while; and eventually hear the SHEPHERDS laughing. Then he turns to them.

You got hit by the thunderbolt, eh?

CALO pats him on the shoulder.

Easy man.

What are you talking about?

You can't hide it when you're hit by the thunderbolt.


The little village built attendant to the Baronial Estate, is decked with the flowers the girls had been picking.

MICHAEL, followed by the bodyguards, moves into the central square, and onto the balcony of a little cafe.

The proprietor of the cafe, VITELLI, is a short burly man; he greets them cheerfully, and sets a dish of chickpeas at their table.

You know all the girls in this town, eh? We saw some beauties coming down the road. One in particular got our friend hit with the Thunderbolt...
(he indicates MICHAEL)

VITELLI gives a big knowing laugh, and looks at MICHAEL with new interest.

You had better bring a few bottles home with you, my friend; you'll need help sleeping tonight.
(he laughs) FABRIZZIO
This one could seduce the devil. A body! and eyes as big and black as olives.

(laughing with them...pouring more wine)
I know about what you mean!

This was a beauty. Right, Calo?

Beautiful all over, eh?

And hair. Black and curly, like a doll. And such a mouth.

VITELLI does not laugh quite so much.
Yes, we have beautiful girls here... but virtuous.

VITELLI is no longer drinking with them.

She wore a red dress, and a red ribbon in her hair. She looks more Greek than Italian. Do you know a beauty like that?

As MICHAEL describes her, VITELLI laughed less and less, until he wears a scowl.


Then he curtly leaves him, and walks into the back room.

God in Heaven, I think I understand...

He goes into the back room after the innkeeper. Then he returns.

Let's get out of here; he's boiling up his blood to do us mischief. It's his daughter.

They start to leave; but MICHAEL doesn't move.

Come quickly.

Innkeeper. More wine!

The old bastard mentioned two sons he only has to whistle up.

MICHAEL turns to FABRIZZIO with his cold authority.

Tell him to come to me.

The two BODYGUARDS shoulder their luparas, and disappear in a moment they return with the red-faced angry VITELLI between them.

I understand I've offended you by talking about your daughter. I offer you my apologies, I'm a stranger in this country, I don't know the customs very well. Let me say this, I meant no disrespect to you or her...

CALO and FABRIZZIO are impressed.

Who are you and what do you want from my daughter?

I am an American hiding in Sicily from the police of my country. My name is Michael. You can inform the police and make your fortune but then your daughter would lose a father rather than gain a husband. In any case, I want to meet your daughter. With your permission and under the supervision of your family. With all decorum. With all respect. I am an honorable man.

CALO and FABRIZZIO are stupefied; VITELLI pauses, and then asks:

Are you a friend of the friends?

When the proper time comes I'll tell you everything that a wife's father should know.

It's the real Thunderbolt, then.

Come Sunday morning: My name is Vitelli and my house is up there on the hill, above the village.

Your daughter's name?

-------------------------------------FADE OUT-----------

For mer?

Ta turen hit!


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