I will add thoughts, ideas and plans concerning my forthcoming journey to Japan in the fall of 2005.

Further, these pages will be used as a starting point for a comprehensive coverage of the journey when completed!

Why Japan

Ever since I was a teenager, I have been fascinated by Asia, and maybe Japan in particular. However, this has increased during the last couple of years.

Asian films has become more available and got the proper attention lately, and a lot of films, being Japanese or from other nations in Asia, has influenced my revitalisation towards Japan.

Japan seems to me as incredibly interesting and full of contrasts, and to me, the ancient culture appeals the most and is something I desire more knowledge of. This includes Buddhism, samurais, the way of living, Zen, Wabi-Sabi and so much more.

Change of plans: My best mate from London has decided to arrive in Tokyo 40 minutes after my arrival...Now, this should be an interesting twist! Originally I had planned SOLO Japan. However, I know that Robin is one of very few I could spend those two weeks with, because we generally want and seek the same things, and understand eachother very well. SO: Coooool!
Update: My tickets have arrived!
Update 230805: Today I called Japan and made reservations in Tokyo and Kyoto. They are both very nice and in traditional Japanese style!

Follow this [link] for a dream about to come true!
Follow this [link] for our prep-page!


Considering my short time in Japan I have to find a smooth balance of good planning and an openness to spontaniety. There are limits as to what one can do and see in 15/16 days, and my "philosophy" of traveling is to spend some time in one place in order to let the impressions sink in and be processed. So I guess we'll see if I manage to not go nuts in order to cover everything...There is a possibility of going back you know...

I land in Tokyo and it seems natural to stay there a couple of days. Having said that, it is tempting to go West right away. After a couple of nights I'll find a Shinkansen heading to Kyoto and surrounding areas, where I plan to stay for about eight days. I will then (somehow) find some way to get to the northern part of Honshu (main island).
So far I have found some key words: Oirase, Nyuto, Towada Lake, Tsurunoyu Onsen, Lake Tazawako. lots of terrain and exciting areas to explore for the remaining days!

Must see places

A few sights already appear essential, and in addition I have decided for a treat by staying in a spa-like place somewhere in the forest by a hot spring. I have located some incredible resources on the web which seem to offer what I seek and links will be added.
I have discovered some, and believe me when I say they look spectacular!

In Tokyo, I believe the impressions will be enormous and overwhelming. Despite my goal of tranquility in the traditional Japan, you can't get around what seems to be the city of chaos nr. 1!
Further, some mandatory stops heading into the Kansai region. Here is among others Kinkaku-ji, bamboo park near Adashino Nembutsu-ji, Himeji, Ryoan-ji Temple, Sanjusangen-do Temple etc.
With Lonely Planet in my lap, it seems impossible to decide on anything right now, but some spots looks soooo intrigueing, so we'll see!


Surprisingly enough this journey was born in a couple of days. Even if the dream has been there for some time, this has seemed impossible to accomplish in quite some time.
Suddenly I thought: "At least I can check if it it doable"! And in 1-2-3 "only" cash remained. This worked out thanks to a plan and with the possible aid of a local bank...
Flight Trondheim - Narita (Tokyo), round trip: NOK 7600,- (950 Euros)
Accomodation: 25 Euros/night (maybe more)(plus one night of luxury)
Transportation: 320 Euros (expensive!)
Food: 250 Euros (this is something I will not try saving on!)
Unexpected exp.: 125 Euros
Shopping: 800 Euros
Together about 2900 Euros.


Those who know me or has seen my Prague page know I have a Japanese tattoo on my back. You will recognise this sign several places on my pages here, as well as in front the headlines.
The sign is specially designed and means Shuuchuu. In English this is best translated as concentration or focus of the mind.

To me, this has important meaning as this is something worth striving for; something I/we should exercise, so it can be applied when needed.
In addition I find it aestetically nice...
This journey is a way of rediscovering myself, as well as
searching for a particular inner peace. Will I find it?

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